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NRV Putting Passengers

A Broad-based Regional Initiative

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• Enabling future economic

development opportunities

• Promoting safer, more efficient

travel on the I-81 corridor

Passenger train travel to the New River Valley,

one of Virginia’s fastest-growing regions

Safe, Efficient and Convenient Passenger Rail for a Fast-Growing Region

NewRiver Valley

RA I L 2 0 2 0

Putting Passengers On Track

unmanned aerial vehicle. Denbigh’s Aviation Academy recognizes

that all students must gain post-secondary education. Whether they

are receiving additional training in a military branch or working

toward a two-year or four-year degree, the program sets strong

expectations so that the transition is easy.

Denbigh’s Aviation Academy has been recognized at the state

and national levels. In the last six years, the program has been

awarded over $120,000 in private grants, and recognized by the

Virginia Department of Education as a winner of the Creating

Excellence Award for Secondary Business and Industry Partnerships

with NASA. On a national level, the Society of Manufacturing

Engineers Education Foundation awarded the Aviation Academy

with the Partnership Response in Manufacturing Education

(PRIME) award in 2013.

At the Aviation Academy the motto is simple: Attitude =

Altitude. This often reminds a student that nothing is impossible

as long as they work hard and believe in their ability to succeed.

With this mindset combined with the skill sets gained at school,

graduates are more than college, career and citizen-ready. They are

cleared to take off in clear blue skies.

This is the Denbigh Aviation Academy. Ready for takeoff!

Dr. Brenda D. Long, Executive Director, Virginia Association for

Career and Technical Education.

Virtual Education

By Delegate Dickie Bell,

20th House District of Virginia

As chairman of the Virtual Learning

and Education Technology subcommittee

under the Joint Committee to Study the

Future of Public Elementary and Secondary

Education in the Commonwealth, I have

accepted the challenge to better educate

and expand the awareness of virtual

education in Virginia.

The technology available to us in

the twenty first century, and the speed at

which it changes and advances makes it absolutely essential that

we better understand the virtual educational model. Although there

are several products and a variety of vendors available in Virginia

today, there is far less known about virtual learning than perhaps

any other learning tool. Our objective is to make those willing to

participate in our exercise more comfortable with the practical

applications of virtual education.

Members of both the full committee and this subcommittee

realize that many different perceptions, and more than a few

misconceptions, currently exist regarding virtual education. To that

end we have asked WHRO public television, the administrator for

VirtualVirginia’s on line learning programs, to create an opportunity

for legislators and staff personnel to have the hands on experience

of participating in a virtual education exercise.

We believe this will provide the experience and the knowledge

needed to make informed decisions on the future of virtual

education in Virginia. It is our hope that an increased awareness

among decision makers in the legislature will foster a better

relationship between traditional bricks and mortar education and

the opportunities that instruction without walls can provide. If we

are successful in this mission virtual learning in Virginia should

offer many more educational opportunities to Virginia students.

The exercise, which actually enrolls participants in a virtual

class that will run for three weeks, should begin in early August.

Access will be on the participant’s own timetable and identities will

remain anonymous. No grades will be taken.

I look forward to the review that will take place at the meeting

of the full committee in September.