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addition to their role assisting the Virginia National Guard, they also

volunteer their time to assist in their communities.

“Our VDF troopers are great volunteers, and we have them

integrated into all of our domestic operations,” Williams said. “They

bring a wealth of civilian, military and first responder experience

with them to their jobs, and we would not be able to perform our state

mission so well without them.”

As all branches of the military and the civilian sector build on

the cyber capabilities, the Virginia National Guard is leading the way.

The Virginia Air National Guard will stand up one of four new cyber

operations squadrons at Langley Air Force Base, adding to Virginia’s

growing cyber capabilities. Soldiers and VDF troopers conducted

more than half a dozen cyber assessments in a state active duty status

for localities across the state to help them strengthen their network’s


“Effective cyber defense is critical to our security at the state and

national level, and we are helping led the way in the development of

cyber forces and capabilities,”Williams said. “We were very excited to

be able to put that great expertise to work this year with our first-ever

state active duty cyber assessments, and we look forward to continued

partnerships with Virginia localities and helping them defend their


The Virginia National Guard traces the history and traditions of

Citizen Soldier and Citizen Airmen service to the founding of the

Jamestown colony and celebrated its 409th birthday at Jamestown

on May 14, 2016. And for the first time in its history, the Virginia

National Guard will have a new facility built specifically to serve as a

headquarters. The 102,000 square foot facility will be built on a 13.6-

acre site in the northern section of Defense Supply Center Richmond,

cost approximately $30 million and construction should be completed

by February 2018. It will provide workspace for the Adjutant General

of Virginia, the Virginia National Guard Joint Staff and Air National

Guard Staff currently located at Mullins Readiness Center in Sandston.

Looking ahead to 2017,Williams identified readiness and growing

the Virginia Guard’s force structure as two key strategic objectives.

“We all have the responsibility to ensure that we meet all individual

federal mobilization requirements, including the standards for height

and weight, physical fitness, and military education,” Williams

said. “The Army and the Air Force are counting on us to bring our

organizations up to a level that can meet any global requirement, and it

is up to each of us to reach and maintain that standard.”

Williams said he would like to see the Guard’s force structure

grow by 2,000 Soldiers and 1,000 Airmen.

“I may be biased, but I truly believe that our state is blessed with

the best Soldiers and Airmen in the country,” Williams said. “With

that in mind, I plan to advance Virginia as a key player in the National

Guard. Our strategic plan includes setting the conditions to grow force

structure inVirginia. Achieving this goal will take time and everyone’s

hard work to remain laser-focused on meeting and exceeding all

standards, effectively setting an example for the rest of the National

Guard to follow.”

A. A. "Cotton" Puryear is the State Public Affairs Officer,

Virginia National Guard.

Virginia National Guard

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