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The nomination of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

as the Democratic ticket was the official business of the

National Convention in Philadelphia. But it was also

a time to reflect on the accomplishments of President

Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice

President Joseph Biden over the last eight years and to

express our love and gratitude.

The days were long, but full of excitement.

Virginia was front and center not only as the home

of the Vice Presidential nominee, but solidifying our

role as a battleground state. Our delegation got a lot

of media attention and TV time, and was probably the

most spirited delegation in Hall every night!

We left Philly unified and invigorated to do

everything we can to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim

Kaine on November 8th!

Delegate Jennifer McClellan, 71st District of Virginia

As we were being treated to delicious heavy hors d’oeuvres, drinks

and good company inside, a huge protest was taking place right in

front of the building.

There were as many police and law enforcement personnel as

there were protesters. The irony was that the protesters were walking

side by side with police on bikes and horses that were used as a

protective barrier. Many of us gave the Cleveland Police and other

security officers a spontaneous round of applause and cheers as

we walked to “The Q”. A masked protester was apprehended and

detained right in front of me by four police officers.

Visited the Media Center where TV and Radio stations were

interviewing dignitaries and also went to the Communication Center

where the newspaper and magazine organizations were located.

The highlight of the evening session was the roll call vote of the

states to formally nominate Donald J. Trump for President, followed

by voice vote to officially nominate Indiana Governor Mike Pence

for Vice President.

Tonight’s speakers were Speaker Paul Ryan; Senate Majority

Leader Mitch McConnell; Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader;

Chris Christie, Tiffany Trump; Donald Trump, Jr.; Shelley Moore

Capito, and Dr. Ben Carson.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie especially shook the rafters

with his Secretary Clinton “prosecution” speech. Loud chants of

“guilty” and “lock her up” rang out throughout the convention hall.

Once we came back to the hotel for the late evening bash, I was

interviewed by Tom Sherwood of WRC-TV 4Washington, D.C.

Day Three

– Make America First Again

Off to the convention hall for tonight’s activities. The highlight

tonight was Mike Pence’s acceptance speech to be our nation’s next

Vice President.

Other speakers included Laura Ingraham, Governor ScottWalker,

Senator Ted Cruz, Eric Trump, Newt and Callista Gingrich. Senator

Marco Rubio addressed the convention by video.

Governor Mike Pence’s acceptance speech was warmly received

by all of the delegates. Ted Cruz refusal to endorse Donald Trump

for President to a packed convention was met with thunderous ‘boos’

across the convention hall. Most Virginia Cruz supporters thought it

was a mistake for him not to endorse the GOP presidential candidate

Donald Trump but instead vote your “constitutional conscience”.

Day Four

– Make America One Again

This morning at our delegation breakfast, we heard from Former

Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson and Congressman Louie

Gohmert (R-TX).

Before our last session, Budweiser sponsored an “America’s

Grand Old Party” with food and drink for the Virginia and Missouri

Delegations at a local pub.

Surprised to see former Virginia State Delegate Jay Katzen, who

was an Alternate Delegate from Alaska. Katzen ran for Lieutenant

Governor in 2001 against Democrat Tim Kaine, now the Democratic

nominee for VEEP, and came within 2.29% of winning that election.

The highlight tonight was Donald Trump’s acceptance speech to

be our GOP nominee for President of the United States.

Donald Trump hit hard on Hillary Clinton’s incompetence

and disqualifying background that make her unfit to ascend to be

president. His main themes were to defeat ISIS immediately, and to

bring back law and order to America’s cities. He emphasized bringing

jobs and manufacturing back to the United States.

Since 1968, I have enjoyed going to many Republican National

Conventions. If you haven’t been to a convention you are missing

being an active part of our American political system. You don’t have

to be an elected Delegate or Alternate Delegate but participate as a

guest of the Virginia delegation to future Republican conventions.

Get involved now in a local Republican organization for your active

participation at the 2020 RNC!

Michael E. Belefski is President of CPC CORPORATION, a

Communications and Marketing Firm specializing in Performance

Management Analysis in Business, Law and Political Systems. He

can be contacted at


Dr. Ben Carson

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