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with Delegate Danny Marshall, Delegate Kathy Byron, Kathy and

Jim McKelvey and my guest, Tim Reith.

Blackwell said that Donald Trump is our nominee and the

anti-Trump forces have been extinguished. Cuccinelli stated some

obscure rule changes that will only affect the 2020 RNC convention

and wanted with other delegates to force a roll call vote on the floor

of the convention to adopt rule changes.

Notable speakers today included Reince Priebus, Chair, RNC;

Rick Perry, Former Texas Governor; Mark Geist & John Tiegen,

Benghazi Annex Security Team; Jeff Sessions, U. S. Senator; Rudy

Giuliani, Former Mayor of NewYork City and Mrs. Melania Trump.

During the rules debate, Cuccinelli was on the floor with efforts

to have a roll call vote to change the rules while another Delegate

Beau Correll , an active member of Delegate Unbound, was on a live

TV interview saying the reason for the roll call vote was to unbind

the delegates. This was an attempt to undo what the RNC Rules

Committee voted on last Thursday, which was to bind the delegates

to vote on the first ballot for the winner of their state primaries.

As for the roll call vote on the Rules, Cuccinelli and his team

needed to get the majority from at least seven state delegations to

sign a petition forcing a roll call vote on the floor. They only got

the majority of delegates from five states (VA, CO, UT, WA and

WY) to sign that petition. The majority of delegates from fifty-five

delegations opposed their efforts. The rules were adopted on a voice

vote despite a lot of booing and shouts of “no” especially from our

Virginia delegation. Cuccinelli shouted “shame, shame!” and tossed

his delegate credentials on the convention floor.

Day Two

– Make America Work Again

Today, we heard from Former Ambassador John Bolton at the

Virginia Delegation breakfast.

I was invited to a conference and luncheon sponsored by the

The American Conservative Union Foundation – “The Conservative

Pit Stop: Destination White House”. After a great conference with

excellent speakers and a scrumptious Italian luncheon, Governor

Mike Pence attended and gave us a sneak peek of his acceptance

speech which was well received by attendees. One of the guest

speakers included Kellyanne Conway who is now Donald Trump’s

Campaign Manager.

Took a side trip to visit

the Federal Reserve Bank

of Cleveland. There was an

interesting display of how

the “Wizard of Oz” was

essentially a political book

based on the 1890’s gold and

silver currency fight.

Walked to the “House of

Blues” where drinks and hors

d’oeuvres were provided

while listening to Ashley

and Shannon Campbell

performing songs for the

screening of Glen Campbell’s

“I’ll BeMe” Documentary for

the Alzheimer’s Readiness


Before tonight’s session,

a “Taste of Cleveland

Reception” to honor The

Energy of Americans was

sponsored by Dominion in

downtown Cleveland for the

Virginia, West Virginia and

North Carolina Delegations.

Virginia delegation’s home for Delegates, Alternate Delegates

and Guests for the week was The Holiday Inn at Strongsville, Ohio,

which is about 20 miles south of Cleveland. Most of us arrived on

early Sunday afternoon.

State Delegate Glenn Davis sponsored a meet and greet reception

at the hotel bar. I was interviewed by Patrick Wilson of The Virginia

Pilot and noted that I was attending my ninth GOP convention and

backed Trump from the start. “I’m here to unify the party and to make

sure Trump-Pence carries Virginia,” I said.

The Welcome Party – Rock the Night in CLE – “East, Drink

and Party Like a Rock Star” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was

fantastic. Security has been an issue that everyone was talking about.

While eating food from 50 ‘truck’ vendors ranging from apple wood-

smoked wood-fire pizza, sausage rolls, fish bites, and hummus with

chips, I also had the opportunity of meeting and talking to U.S. Secret

Service Director J. P. Clancy and enjoyed listening to a Three Dog

Night Concert.

The GOP Convention Program highlighted speakers, films and

live remotes that showcased Donald Trump’s leadership and his

vision for America.

Day One

– Make America Safe Again

This morning at our delegation breakfast meeting, we heard

from Ken Cuccinelli, Chair of our Virginia Delegation, Corey

Stewart, State Trump Chairman and Morton Blackwell, our RNC

Committeeman. Congressman Rob Whitman and businessman Ed

Gillespie also attended. During the week, I shared a breakfast table


And Roll

In Cleveland –

At The 2016 Republican

National Convention

By Michael E. Belefski, At-Large Alternate Delegate

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's

Campaign Manager


Rock And Roll


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