VCC Magazine Spring 2018

V irginia C apitol C onnections , S pring 2018 3 Spring 2018 Volume 24 Number 2 • Student Editor –Salinna Lor • Assistant Editors –Hayley Allison, Kristen Bailey-Hardy • Publisher –David Bailey • Art Director –John Sours • School Distribution – Kristen Bailey-Hardy • Advertising – • Printer –Wordsprint • Virginia Capitol Connections Quarterly Magazine (ISSN 1076-4577) is published by: Virginia Capitol Connections • 1108 East Main Street • Suite 1200 • Richmond, Virginia 23219 • (804) 643-5554 • Copyright 2017, Virginia Capitol Connections, Inc. All rights reserved. The views expressed in the articles of Virginia Capitol Connections Quarterly Magazine , a non-partisan publication, are not necessarily those of the editors or publisher. C O N T E N T S VIRGINIA CAPITOL CONNECTIONS QUARTERLY MAGAZINE On The Web 4 Mantle: Virginia Indian Tribute Dedication Introductory Remarks Governor’s Remarks Artistic Perspective 7 Virginia’s Governor: Life as a “laid back achiever” 8 For House Speaker, it’s a whole new ball game 9 Building a 21st Century Workforce 11 The Devastating 2017 Hurricane Season –  Never Too Early to Be Prepared 12 Ballot Standards 13 Gerrymandering and Population Changes in Virginia 14 Reflections at the Passing of the Symbol of Desegregation of American Public Schools 15 Legislative assistants 16 Small Steps towards Electoral Reform in Virginia 17 The Military Medics and Corpsmen Program: New Program–New Pathways 18 The Photography of Wanda Judd 21 Virginia Legislative Staff 29 “Uni means one and so much more…” 30 Preparing Students for the Road Ahead 31 Girl Scouts Inspired by Virginia Leaders 32 In Memoriam Harry Blevins Bob Purkey 34 Association and Business Directory Cabinet Voices page 9 page 11 HEALY MORAN Mantle page 4 Virginia Legislative Staff page 21 Cover Photo: Taken by Frances Bailey Broaddus-Crutchfield from the Bell Tower. Profiles Northam page 7 COX page 8