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VCCQM is a magazine like no other. We’re all things Virginia. We’re all things newsworthy. And we’re all things political—but in a balanced, non-partisan presentation. What’s the point? That we always offer a counterpoint! Get stories about newsmakers from the top (including the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general) all the way down to the unsung heroes who make our Commonwealth click. Virginia is a great state, and offers a great magazine, both in print and online. If you want to know what’s happening in Virginia, if you want to know what people are thinking in Virginia, if you want to understand your state government and how it works, if you want the insider’s view of the past and present in our great state, then you’ll be a regular reader of VCCQM.

Who was dubbed the “high tech governor”? You found that in VCCQM. Who were the first women in Virginia politics? You found that in VCCQM. What is Virginia doing for small businesses? You found that in VCCQM. Which election smashed the car tax? You found that in VCCQM. Which candidate raised money by allowing contributors to drive a racecar? You found that in VCCQM. What ideas did a prison inmate have for prison reform? You found that in VCCQM. Which Congressional Campaign was called a “new low” because of its television advertising? You found that in VCCQM.

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Current Issue
It’s a newsworthy time to be a citizen of the Commonwealth! Enjoy the Summer issue of Virginia Capitol Connections Quarterly Magazine as we cover the issues of the day, big and small.





The tea party. Or is it the tea party movement? Or, is the tea party a movement, a faction, or something even less defined, like a body of ideological energy within conservatism?

Or maybe it is best described as simply the tea party wing of the Republican Party.

However it is labeled, the tea party—as amorphous a group as there is in Virginia politics today—proved once again during the June 2015 primaries just how vexing it can be to Republicans. What its supporters hoped would be a triumphant march to near-total domination of the Republican Party with the slaying of Speaker Bill Howell and several other too-moderate incumbents, turned out to be a humiliating series of losses, instead.

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